From 24.11.15 on Tuesday Group meeting crit tutorial.

Think about the balance in your creative life Jane is saying.  Need to think about the future. Putting things into place. Get a website set up even though I have a blog. Think about this over Christmas soon chat Jane friends.  A collaboration is really attractive to people if you enjoy it then explore it further. With others. Suggested mini projects setting up together Jane is saying. Should be confident because we are fantastic Jane is saying. Risk assessment at Margate in the tuner contemporary.

With Myself, Joe, Emma Ford, Phil, Kate and Becks

Starting with Emma Her work all displayed neatly like Sol Le Witt’s work at the Sainsbury’s Art centre part of the collections exhibition I really like that. Artist exhibition killer Joe’s she has been inspired by I really like in her studio space the vintage look reminds me of Martin Parr photos. I love her journal featured photos of all out work which was cool. Everything so organised. Haven’t been able to do another animation she has wanted to do has imagery she wants to use. 

Likes to see the positive in things and theses things like the imagery of the ladybird books reminds her of her childhood and it’s a comfort for her. Feeling drained and we all can relate to going back to things we loved as a child like what she has been doing. It’s the two sides of her work dark on the inside and fluffy happy colourful on the outside it’s interesting.  So honest.

Joe next starting off by  showing us  his drawings of his work in his little book.  Inspired by Jenny Saville’s work and Egon Schiele.

He has made films of him working painting here with him running too.  His work is about himself body image. Collaged photocopies of himself printing. Francis Bacon, Van Gough carries segmented artists for Joe John Copland one Jane suggested. Used a go pro camera to film himself running attached to his chest.Working your own and working together the balance feels exhausted by people even though he likes it here. 

Mine now  just before early lunch I was really pleased how mine went got given some great ideas for me to try out into my own like creating an animation having photos set within the same size as my red resin men so building that using Lego collect red Lego create red Lego wall would for me to take photos of with my men on it.

Photograph my men in snow Joe suggested take them on journeys say to London on hold set lend out to people them and ask them to document them the more I do and not in red I won’t be less worried about giving them away. Make a decent sized collection like Rachel Whitereads using resin but hers were bigger. Try out animations outside but first inside don’t be afraid be bold.  

There is a big difference between my photos and my drawings the chaos verses structure neatness its organised chaos as I call it its balancing the two sides of me it’s a strong evidently in my work I’ve expressed today about it to the guys Jane and Carrie. 

Phil. His Collections what are they do for him questioning it he  sratrted to explain think to us about..

Tools he is using his collection of tools he has lots them here are some displayed. Used objects resourcefulness it’s all about they all have a purpose of doing have done something.  He has where next he is asking himself? He is selecting certain areas to show off his tools using shapes cut out in the paper. Choosing to focus on that area. Creating art with them. He thinks of them as time machines with so many memories he has from them when he uses them again holding them from when he was younger and before then he born. It sounds quite nostalgic to me personally.

Becks Anti-collector she tries to be.Her showing yesterday of her video has helped her a lot for others to take part in. She need to focus on her

work and use social networking for it and collaborate in the future possibly she knows she is good chatting to people and getting their thoughts responses shared is important to her if they want to share from her showing video. Interaction people she like finding common threads. Her sensations. Intimate emotion intimacy Phil is saying about Becks showing of her Video. Love collecting people’s feedback.