On Wednesday I made my first ever using wax candles figures not wax crayons like I used at home in the summer. I used theses red candles I had bought but they turned out to be be not as good as what I had hoped because they weren’t red inside just on the outside.

So my intention of having them that strong postbox red didn’t happen I got this awful dusky pink colour, but in actual fact its a lesson learnt and I know what to improve on for this Wednesday making sure I am well prepared with candles dye because Martin who was helping me make my wax figures suggested a great website to get it and its easier getting the dye and just dyeing the wax which I can use from the workshop.

I am pleased I have made them though because they are still adding to my growing collection and they have been able to show off and represent communicating to the world embracing there newly made selves because I have made them have a life.

By photographing them in the studio the following day on the Thursday with my red resin figures which proved to be a success because they stood in lines a group going on a little tour around from in the projector room to outside the dark into the light because in the projector room it was really dark.

Here are the two groups of photos from the progress to the studio enjoy.