artists quote on death
An artists quote said by Damian Hurst.


So after showing lots of slides by artists which collect or are obsessed by things relating to the brief for us to maybe research further. We chatted in a group discussion which was interesting to listen to hear these different thoughts because some of us were agreeing with each other some of us just didn’t say anything, I was one of those I feel I never listen enough so in times theses I feel I just need to sit back and listen because I am always trying to do to many things at once.

The discussion was on what one artist Jane had featured in the presentation had said about Death from being interested in it as child having an experience like this here.

I found this to be quite dark and intense as child to want to know and experience because it’s the last thing I would imagine a child wanting to discover. It’s crazy to me because I would never really of imagined myself wanting to do as child, its really weird because death is something which you learn more of as you get older but if a child can be taught about death early on I guess that improves the mind and opens it up to the wider world. So a child knows what real-life is and this is what happens in the real world animals die people die then reproducing new lives into the world. So it’s a positive and negative cycle of life. I think he must have been quite a determined inquisitive child.

If I am being honest what was on my mind when I was a child was just having fun trying but being naughty most of the time and trying to be social and accepted into society which was really hard. This quote has made me slightly more open-minded than I am which is hard for me to do because find it hard to embrace new things other people’s choices in life I don’t like agree with.

Jane showed a slide which was a summary of what the whole presentation had been about and listed some questions for us to think about they were Is our work Public or private who is it for? Taxonomy how will organise it? The context how will you present it? The meaning what are we communicating in our work or referencing?

I think for me my work is for firstly me because I make it to satisfy me what I like being the artist that’s important but then secondly it’s for the public whoever wants to enjoy appreciate my work or just see it for them to judge it. I am not going to stop anyone from looking at it what I am needing to do at the moment is to get tougher more confident, because I feel I am still quite sensitive with my work I would be pretty annoyed if someone said it was rubbish because I think of my work as amazing.

The trick is not to take it so personally. Presenting my work in blog I think will help show what my work is about to people and its joining in with the wold now which is very technology focused ready changing all the time. It’s there for even people who don’t have account on the blog site WordPress I am using can see because I can give them the link so there are no restrictions no one is missing out. I think as for what my work is about it’s about the reusing objects giving them a new life and my satisfaction and enjoyment I get from the discovery of that which has been adventure with my resin men and the colour red which I love and I am obsessed with it always excites me when I use it.

It doesn’t come across as a negative to me which it’s traditionally know for and as a warning colour making you aware of something important.The taxonomy side so the analysis of my work critiquing it that’s part of what goes into my blogs because people want more than just I like it so I have a sheet of questions to help me fulfill this about my work.