My intention was to use what I already had to create a new collection of stuff, so my bags I have  of Orange agate stones collected from a Hornsea Beach which is a beach I always went to when I used to visit my grandparents in Yorkshire and put them in resin/wax, so then it would totally take away that idea of them being precious because they would be contained which I am not sure how I would of felt about this.

I love having that option of just having them there so easily available its a comforting feeling.

The meaning of them from other peoples perspective might have been different to how they see them now  they may just have thought of them as art because they have my orange agate in them, but I like to think they  still would be considered as free independent little men just with that extra added bonus.

I didn’t expect to do something which didn’t involve them, but did involve my red resin figures and using them as a template to make a Sicilian mould to use to make wax moulds as a change really and to  explore another process which is really important for me to learn because I am on the second year and since doing my wax crayon ones at home in the summer I was like I really wanted to learn how to do it in a professional environment the workshop using wax candles not crayons.

My idea now is to have a big collection say 20 I can then go on to photograph in different places and then make more inspired by Rachel Whiteread who has made big collections using resin the expansion of hers is massive.

The photography is such a important side of of my work as well as the making to visually capture where the figures are and the fact there newly made too the more the merrier. I feel its going to be a cycle pattern constantly repeating like mechanically. Like pop art is which is why I love pop art. Its that familiarity not unknown.  

Some of my collections mainly in the studio some in my room I will show more of my collections from my bedroom of say my CD’S magazines because there showing a personal side of me not everyone knows about.

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red tea cups collection
My red tea cup Starbucks collection