Morning next Tuesday week Phil and Kate at First-site Everyone bring a piece of work on Saturday early. Be really active The British museum magazine photocopied a page for us on the artist Lisa Milroy.

Using objects laid out painted over them.
A living repository of still life.
Read this text again highlight the areas that connect with us and write about them
Then blog about it I think magazine articles are really useful and Jane said this.

I highlighted this part she wrote in the first paragraph saying as a pleasure-immersing myself physically and mentally in a world of astonishing things.  I really feel this when I’m drawing in my style I am fully escaping into a world which is just me and my resin moulds which are astonishing to me because there my artwork my everything to do with art at the minute where everything I do as well is Inspired from  like my drawings and what’s around me to draw immersing myself which is so wonderful to do I love.
I try not to draw a very accurate drawing of my moulds, but I do try to look at it in full see the shapes of them and they have become quite simplistic easy to study and I don’t have any problems with them I do it quite quickly now.
I think it’s great I can saw what I’ve made enjoy drawing and not worry so much specially being in my studio space that it’s ok what I’m doing because I’m comforted by security outside of that it’s slightly more worrying but saying that in the first site last week I got into it it began to feel like my space here at Colchester institute with everything familiar around me which is the important key factor to make me feel secure its something I need in my life a lot and it helps me just feel less worried.

Because to be honest I never really been in love with drawing I don’t think because I’ve always had to do it in a certain way at school having to use mini mirrors draw your reflection using rulers having to draw exactly at the right angle point from your hand ruler so everything then becomes like technical and numbers based which I hated I just wanted to saw in my way because I don’t understand any other way I’m not a portrait artist for gods sake I can’t draw exactly what’s there neatly amazingly done that’s not me.

The other paragraph I highlighted how the Museum excites ones curiosity and sets up encounters with the unfamiliar in oneself. Well for me it’s not how a museum does this for me it’s my work in general as I do it try out new creative paths to explore like how I made them by trying it it has led me to go down this mould making path which I can see staying in my future and this was a new unknown road to begin with which I’m surprised I wanted to explore with my ink cartridge containers because I usually don’t like like new things, uncertainty but something within in me let go and embraced it.

So now I’ve been able to discover this mould maker in me I’m so pleased to have found I wonder what it might of been like if I had not discovered this my journey would not have been as exciting without theses encounters finding my place where I fit.

But I think after seeing The World goes Pop at The Tate Modern it did excite me get me inspired to create make more of what I wanted moulds using colour like in this exhibition mainly red it was an adventure of discovery this exhibition for me every room made a impression me specially the first room with the red coloured plinth that really made me happy.

I didn’t really encounter another side of myself from seeing it though. But I found it a really worthwhile experience because I love pop art everything it represents the way it is shown made it suits me perfectly. The repeated mechanical element using the same type colours like red blue yellow black each time specially in Roy Lichtenstein work.

It’s comforting to me as I like thingshighlighted  sheet artivle fom jane last tuesday that don’t change.

Here is the highlighted article.