I love collecting and for me its important I show this in my work because it embodies me I am letting anyone who walks in to our studio see my work and there going to instantly have thoughts and they hate my work but at least they have seen it which I am determined as much as possible to happen I am not one to hide my work away say from anyone  I totally make full use of social media.

Its great this project is about collecting/ obsessions weather you do both or just one or your somewhere in the middle I am a bit of both with the whole red obsession collecting stuff from when I was younger.

I am pleased I merge into the two it means I’m not so much restricted to fit in one  category which sometimes is easier to be in which is less complex but in art its not always whats easier and sometimes it can be tough but we have to push ourselves and keep striving.

Below are some of my postcards featured work.

updataed wall this week
At the time my current studio wall.

Below features quite a few postcards for example the two Tracey Emin postcards which I had on my wall because she inspires me her work is very much all about her and she is sharing that with the world which I think is really brave of her because by doing that its showing her as a strong person who isn’t afraid of opinions and if some people hate her work at least there talking about it. I admire her for it.

I have to say parts of her work I hate like her famous bed and this video she did which I saw at her exhibition which I found disgusting and gross it was really intimately too much of herself. I loved seeing the quilts she had displayed  which are featured on the two postcards I have they show what she loves her life in words boldly, expressively and coloured in red black yellow like almost it was a manifesto of hers.

Writing words we have in common we love to use to express ourselves in that really defined no messing about way its what makes us who we are as artists.

I have the Alexander Calder exhibition article highlighted in parts which I reflected on in a blog I did because I am interested in seeing his exhibition which is his sculptures 3D and me working in 3D too we both have in common. So I thought why not have this on my wall so I did just to inspire me more when I look at it because its quite a special wall of mine I have been very lucky with the amount off space for it to grow not restricted at all.

Its free and loose as it has ever been before which is amazing for me to be able to look back sometimes at it and be like wow this is my world me and I might take a few images down but most of of the time it stay the same because its a familiar comfort to me I am used too.

My studio wall from last month 17.11.15 featuring lots of postcards work including Tracey Emins work from her exhibition I saw at The Heywood Gallery in London Love is what you. want

I have two postcards by Edgar Degas who I love paintings of the dancers are so beautiful elegant and dainty how each pose is carefully painted as there dancing its really impressive. The two I have really great examples of his work one shows some looseness in his lines he has painted one is more refined so it is showing his diversity, variety which shows he is not just one type of artist, he is so many which I think makes it lot more exciting for the audience its not boring.

I think the two I have on my wall represent  a bit of organised chaos which is more so chaos currently behind the scenes inside my head but practically its structured and organised with my figures I make there not out of control there refined in there shape.

Here below

I also have featured the Audrey Hepburn postcard which I love its not related at all to my work but she is beautiful she embodies it to me like Marilyn Monroe and of course Grace Kelly, that old school vintage glamour I really am quite obsessed with that’s why I love being able to see vintage fashion exhibitions at the V&A Museum in London when there on I haven’t been in ages but I find so pretty. Its showing my personal likes from my personality.

I have my leaflet card of the art work designed coloured pink with black lines featured in the exhibition I saw in London at somerset house part of the AQI World Illustration awards exhibition with Directory of Illustration this design particularly resonated with me because the intention behind is to show inside someones mind head who has autism.

This for me who has a form of autism Asperger’s which isn’t something I tell a lot of people I don’t shout about it because its something quite personal and private to me. I found quite inspiring I hope others can too because of the fact its telling a story people have to discover.

pink image print somerset house