So today I just played around with the red ink I have been loving since I bought it from Tindalls The Art shop in Colchester Town recently day I was inspired by a fellow friend who had been using it a lot and enjoy it Alanna it made me want to get so. How its so free and flowing to use create layers, lines, loose, and shapes expressively its perfect for me. The drawings I did were both like this the first one I started a drawing of one my resin moulds I took my box then other things around that I  was looking at which build up into layers crazily on top of each other which wasn’t my intention it just ended up being like this completely different which started as a simple loose line drawing to this a complete change to want intended to do which was to just play around as I said with red ink at the beginning.

Its communicating  freedom of expression of how I see things around me all ending up jumbled together my love for red, lines and layers which only I can see because I am me so its very personal but when I show it to others they I’m sure will see it differently which is fair enough its there view on it weather its negative or positive I guess its constructive and I can help myself to build on. I didn’t look to any artist for inspiration and I have only just placed it on studio wall before I left today but I might place it up at the FirstSite next week when we return there to work again this time alongside the third years.

I think it will change the context of it because it will come across more professional because its not in my studio its in public place an art galley where lot more people go see art so it wont be as protected it will be there in the firing line to be judged which I could protect it forever like all my work in and on my studio wall space but they have to be I guess let free to the world where the importance of it  may not be as  guaranteed as it is with me because there mine the public may not find them as important.  

My drawings individually close up then put up on my stdio           wall including my first one I have been reflecting on below here:




red ink drawing 4
My studio wall updated with my newly red ink made drawings placed on it.