To do list:

Edit micks drawing painting recent work reflection.

Drawings research on artists like Frank Auerbach because of his use of abstraction expressively painted paintings and the textured appearances which I try to portray in my paintings drawings using red ink recently creating a free-flowing look.

For Sean

Somerset house Tate modern not done yet still


From Working at the FirstSite still to reflect on it

Read more of my Rachel Whiteread book reflect on it.

New list 1.11.15 With the London Somerset house blog on the sculptures  I saw Marc Quinn two separate blogs and the Peter Layton exhibition them add them to Sean’s or if I’m doing it on Sean’s blog out them into Jane’s afterwards.

Sticking photos in sketchbook add stickers to my separate coloured sheets in my folder so they are labelled still to do .

Research Edgar Degas and blog about his work because I have a postcard of his work in my studio wall space which I find really pretty and beautiful of a girl ballerina dancing.

Read my artists newspaper articles on the Alexander Calder upcoming exhibition at the Tate modern read some of it and blogged about it still need to read more highlighted articles and blog about my reflections on them.

Still to read more of Rachel Whitereads book and research Tracey Emins thoughts and methods on how she relates her to herself in a personal shocking at times way and look at my postcards I’ve got of her with I saw at her exhibition which featured the famous bed which I thought was disgusting.

Print of my selected and select them beforehand 10 photos from the 50 I took from Tuesday to Friday hopefully I have done 50 might of just done the most on Tuesday from being at the FirstSite all last week.

Create more wax moulds learn how to make them ask martin one of the technicians for a time when he can how me in the workshop.