I loved seeing my friend Kat who goes to Camberwell a well known art university in london who is doing 3D Sculpture. At her exhibition because it was a great chance to catch up with her and my other friends I had known from the foundation course at Colchester Institute who are all so busy with there degrees. I loved seeing art which was different to my art in the sense that mine is just 3D sculpture based involving moulds.

It was a range from performance art to sculpture to light installation. So varied which made it exciting to look around. Nothing bored me but at the same time parts of it may of not been to my liking so much like the performance art with man running about sitting down in the the room next to wear kats piece was it was OK to watch for the first time exciting too, but after the first time I wasn’t to bothered about seeing it again but I did with my friends because some arrived later so I just went along with them it was confusing to understand theirs a lot of loud music moving with everyone looking at you which I would hate but I guess you become the artwork that is the intention.

I liked how the venue was quite small and it wasn’t perfect it was slippery on the floor in one part where kats piece of work was which people had to be careful about but it worked out better for Kats piece anyway because hers was about plants the environment that’s why it was theses cut out cactus images in foam blocks.

The dripping above it worked well with them I filmed a little bit of it on my phone and the dripping made theses little sculptural patterns which were quite pretty. I was very proud of her as a friend. It an alternative exhibition. My other friends were too.

One of the pieces which reminded me of my little figure men I make was theses yellow sponge or foam cut out 3D shapes placed on a high shelve in a row lined up with little fairy lights on them between them to make them stand out more which I think made them more effectively stronger to view  because they stood out more if the lights had not been there too they would not of had such a stronger impact on me I don’t think the yellow shines with the light without it its just quite dull. The shine is pretty and creates this intriguing fairy land feel I think.

Like when I placed my figure men in the dolls house on the roof part where there were lights coloured rocky surfaces and it had enchanted feel to it. How they were placed in a line on the shelf was like how I have photographed my figure men in the studio neatly and structured.

Overall it was just lovely to escape and think about not just my artwork for a change and just have a chilled out evening seeing my friends seeing the art with my mum too who came with me. I get so caught up in a bubble world of just me and my artwork so to get out of that is important for me to be able to get inspired and get other art zoned into me so I am not just a one sided mind person.

To have choices options to be able to experience new different art.