Starting from 11.11.15

Today I’ve been taking quite a few photos outside to try and conquer my challenge Jane set me yesterday to take 50 photos a day which gave me a bit of shock but she said you can easily do it like click click, but with my main camera I like to take my time so making sure I get the right angle of my red resin mould men.
After yesterday I took a few in the garden outside. I had settled them in a leafy area so not just surrounded by grass because, for me it’s important to have a busy patch selected so there is more to see around them so it’s more exciting pleasing for myself the artist. It makes a better photo but also the viewer may prefer it. I think it’s a bit boring having just grass and them as much as the contrast of green looks so effective against the red because they’re both colours clashing and merging with the leaves. They add a textured appearance by creating layers of different colours like brown and orange. They create a very autumnal atmosphere which suits this time of year.

It’s colder now working outside so it makes it less inviting for you but I get used to it just about, the more photos I take the more I enjoy it more but there comes to a point where the cold takes over you and you want to get back indoors.

I took some photos placing my mould men on chairs and took them in different angles  getting some that are mainly of the chair instead of the mould so you get more of the background showing so it’s a bit mysterious and different, not like the normal usual ones which are always trying to show my moulds as the focus.  I was able to be part of Joe’s film of himself painting outside photographing my mould men as it was being filmed. I placed them on the easel so against the coloured textured old marks on it  and with the leaves and grass so as Joe said they were almost looking like they were climbing up it they looked pretty and different compared to the ones I have taken.

They’re very arty because they were on a easel not just on grass. It’s art on top of art in a way, because an easel is used for art. By the time it’s been used, so much of it is covered in paint. My mould men are art too, but they have been brought to life. I have recently counted and, so far there are 51 so I’m over my challenge set by Jane which I’m so happy about; a success!

Some photos here of my red resin mould men exploring outside First site.