Loved working in the studio on Monday I should be blogged about it on the day I did it would be more beneficial and made sense to me personally as I  am trying to be lot more organised and time management is really important now on the second year has to be at certain level. I think also for my friends and others viewing this blog it makes more sense for them to have seen it yesterday. But oh well.

So it was great to get stuck in creating I would say my interpretation of a Manifesto of sheets, I had blown up enlarged photocopied in red and black of my personal reflection on how my resin red and wax crayon Moulds came about which do come across as a diary I think after showing it to my tutor which I wrote in the summer and all my thoughts just expressed down not thinking about whether it makes sense or not because I was just focused in the zone.

I paint on top of them using red paint  and red pencils crayons drawing sketches off one of my resin moulds little hearts straight away taking even more of a stronger personal ownership of them  because I am adding more of myself onto them because my moulds are a part of me there which makes them special. I wrote down words too on them that mean a lot to me that are the most common when I describe my work words like Different. Expressive, Bold and phases like always get out of your comfort. push the boundaries which I am always hoping to achieve so far I have using resin and wax.

I also wrote down what the sheets were so red-painted words on here I wanted it to be very personal and individual about me which were also written down which was the same for Tracey Emins fabric cloth quilts which were my main inspiration because from seeing theses in an exhibition of hers called Love is want you want at the Southbank Centre a couple of years go looking back theses were my highlighted favourites I loved how she had used words, imagery and textiles to make a piece of art so connected to her representing love and her life it was bold expressive intense the words in black some in red blue.

There wasn’t so much detailed,pretty simplistic delicately done work here so much it was rough round the edges it was layered up it was making a statement of her and apart of her is in this.Its weird I didn’t like a few things of hers from that exhibition that a lot of people love and I loved theses.

Some people may say did you her famous bed installation which most people would love I bed its a really well-known piece of her work. That’s why its famous and that’s one I found really gross disgusting I didn’t like how she had tampons and pads scattered the bed and her underwear I just thought she was showing too much of her private life but she obviously doesn’t care too much to be this open which shows she has guts and bulls and she isn’t afraid of the world which maybe I limit myself on how far to take my work and that would be too far for me.

The video was even more disgusting of her filmed footage of her vagina I found shocking I was expecting it really and when I saw it I was like oh my god this is gross I didn’t stay long to see it. That was totally beyond the what I consider ok again I can’t imagine being that open to film my own vagina  like how what seriously are you mad so I give her credit for being that confident and brave with herself body mind to show have created it and shown it.

I think the context will change once theses are not in my studio space and in the Frstsite Gallery my manifesto sheets because it’s a more open professional environment for the public so people who have never seen my work will see it next week when we have our artists residency and will make their own opinion on it which may mean something completely different too how I see them they will have their own context from their thoughts on what how they see my manifesto sheets.

For myself too they might change how I see them and my Friends who know my work will be interesting to see what happens.

Here are a load of super expresively shown RED photos showing my work. Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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