Notes on reading looking at this magazine article  about this sculptors Alexander Calders upcoming exhibition and his history and how he works his ways which will be on at the Tate Modern from November the 11th to April 2015.

I highlighted some paragraphs that I think are interesting to me starting with one about him not explaining his work much because he didn’t like to only in a few occasions he did.

When he did he wasn’t understood only people who wanted to understand would but most people didn’t.
Calder is saying here because there are limits to explaining your work he saw this clearly he saw it as this when an artist explains what he in this case is doing he using has to do one of two things either scrap what he is has explained or make his work fit in with the explanation.
Then it reads after A baby asks no questions of the mobile and there are limits to the questions we can ask it. Which is the artwork featured on the page a mobile he made as well a studio pic of him in it.

I can se what he means by this because sometimes what you are doing creating is really complicated to explain and you may have to either scrap it or try break it down for people to do fit within the question it must be so hard to well actually easier for a child say because you don’t really have to explain to them too much they are going to come up with their own thoughts on the other hand you may want to explain to them in a simplistic way but there going bit get bored and probably won’t listen.

For me personally I always try to explain want I’m doing if people friends tutors ask and I will answer as best as I can so it hopefully is relevant and informative for them so I’m not having to maybe change how I word it and completely scrap it which then would get even more confusing for me then because that was what I would be saying and it’s gone.
What’s tricky I find is when I get asked more deep and complex questions the why you think that bad why is that sound like theory based questions ones I have avoided in the past, but I am needing to answer because otherwise it leaves holes which need to be filled in my process journey of discovery and I time I might regret and be frustrated because I am not agreed of where I should be in that point in my life after this degree course because those questions I avoided and didn’t answer currently now so it’s making sure I cover them and tackle and challenge full speeding ahead.

Red keeps me creative
Which I have never said before I have said it excites me after speaking to Jane made a breakthrough so after saying all what i have just said I have contradicted myself and I have found it difficult to explain just why I like red because so far I have just been able to say because it excites me it makes me happy but actually it keeps me creative and I think without it my spark and ideas I think of would not be able to make sense because they always involve red. I think Jane was surprised but happy I said this I had weirdly looking back on it had never said that before and she was like you must write that down Roseanna and I did. I’m proud to say this and  I hope in future I can express why like this more quickly but it takes time and its hard. Well done to me.

I think from his point of view he just wants to let us the audience understand his work for ourselves not for him to tell us I bet he wishes everyone who likes his work were babies he has said most of the people who like his work are under six everyone one of theses and his fan mail is enormous.

This is only one part of the reflection I have more because I highlighted more paragraphs I am interested in reflecting on. And I will blog about the chat I had with Jane in more detail and also her presentation too pickling out some of the artists featured what she said for us to think about carefully the key parts.