Group meeting on the First-site with Jane this morning and on the Norwich exhibition we saw.

Magnificent Obsessions
Artists that collect
Art that is obsessive
Collections as art

Next Monday charlotte Frost is coming to chat to us at the First-site
To speak to us.
14th of November private view date a Saturday
But we could arrange another day beforehand

Art obsessions collections gather by in nature where are we I feel like I’m a mixture but mostly a collector
The show aims to explore the habits of the artists as collector and the significance theses processions.

Sketchbooks by DR Lakra collects vinyl artwork and 1950s illustration
Quite an interesting on Vimeo video by him.

What is a museum?
The museums of today have evolved out of two apparently basic aspects of human nature curiosity and our desire to collect.

Why do we have collections ?
Babylonian (32000 -538bc)
Ancient Greek (1600bc-197bc)
Roman (396)-410ad)

All had collections, which almost certainly had economic religious magical historic aesthetic or personal connotations for owners.

To remind ourselves of our history which is important to think about remember.

What is our collection area where we are drawn to in art museum?

Collecting Shit
Sigmund Freud postulated

Martin Parr great photographer love his photos there quite comical fun and his quality go photos are really pretty colourful I think. He collects dogs in Space memorabilia. Never knew he collected theses.
Interested in leisure consumption communication. Seriousness underneath the humour. Familiar things in a new way he wants us to see.

Hanne Darboeven
Makes lists obsessive compulsion
Displays them frames them
Collects objects from her family’s house

Damien Hurst not interested in him his work.
Dead head 1981
Death was moved a bit further away he has said at the end
At a morgue at 16 years old weird odd dark

Peter Bake pop artist British fantastic well getting in danger becoming a cliché so it’s been done so many times you haven’t got any thing new to give show.
We have to be aware of that bad try not to have too many get the put the way
Moved on.

Is our collection private or public a question we need to answer think about?

A painting with elves 1959 featured by Peter Blake

James Siena a new artist introduced to us by Jane
Began collecting vintage typewriters in the 1990s
Geometric sculptures and drawing by him
Obsession informing process
My work does that with my moulds I’m obsessed with it my artwork on my wall too I keep adding to it it’s crazy.

Mark Dion
Challenge perception and convention
Appropriating methods are we doing that with someone else’s methods?
Jane has asked

Thames Dig Wunderkammer
All the messy rubbish old things found in the river and on the ground in a pristine lovely cabinet it’s a contrast in balance I think to portray their special precious but there not really are they?

Felix Gonzalez-Torres Untitled (Golden) 1995
Audience included in the artwork participation interaction using sweets for some work
Minimal pure one colour fragile beauty he is interested the relationship between public and private he is thinking about

Mirror piece artwork paint splatted
Rashid Johnson installations he has done
Islands 2014 a recent piece he did inspired by a book he read

Jonas Wood Ortizs House a painter
College based pop arty looking layered

Simryn Gill

Josephine Meckseper
Very clean structured placed carefully considered things in a cabinet showing in a way that might appear glamorous

Blackwood in cogashall

Black shoes mapping the angles to visualise the visual forms

Questions to think about I photographed from the slide public or private is our work

Taxonomy think about it look outwards or create something new what is our work ?

How does your work change with different context it’s placed in like in the Firstsite it will change the look of it when placed in there

What is the meaning – what you’re communicating or referencing in your work ?