I was really pleased to have had the conversation I did with Jane yesterday she brought up some useful valid key points for me to consider in my work like what happens when I place my red-painted based word sheets written manifestos in a different environment how will they be will the meaning context change and how will others see it in a different surrounding will be interesting because some people may not like them and some people may really warm to them and I will have to deal with that fact not everyone will like my work because of the red it might make people feel scared worried or because it’s just not there cup of tea.

I have been worried about that because in my own world ideally I would love everyone to enjoy my work but thats not the real world. I hope there are some people who like my work by having this artists residency next week it giving us the perfect opportunity for people to view our work who are new to our work and will have their own perspective on it. Jane asked me have you asked any of your peers what they think about my studio wall space I said no she then suggested I should select a few see what they say that you trust and are close too so I think I will do that because it might conjour up some surprising results positive and negative.

I think for me personally I might see things changing as I move from my studio space heare at Colchester Institute to The First Site how I see my work my moulds my manifesto work. I am so used to working in one space mainly with all my work displayed it will be a change which hopefully will be exciting different so I wonder how it all come about hopefully a success. Because I do find change difficult. I like routine of the same thing like using red constantly.

Jane suggested a few idea about how I could display my work instead of a range of plinths I think I am having a flat slightly raised one which is like a set stage plinth. I started re painting yesterday and re sanding so I can display my moulds on and possibly scatter my newly recent bought red buttons on which I opened and gave one to Jane and Joe Abbie too. I almost didn’t want to open them I just wanted to leave them un opened then there safely concealed protected no one is likely then to steal one but then the excited part of me was like go on will be cool to have one to hold out some on your wall which I did. So it was the delicate safe me vs the excited bold let’s go for it adventurous me.

I think having them scattered on the plinth would be very playful and fun with my moulds too there would be some sort order I guess placed neatly so it would be organised chaos which is perfect for me because I like to think I am a mixture of the two in parts. Because I like to hope how my work is balanced is fairly organised but what comes out practically isn’t its messy chaotic.

Making that breakthrough finally being able to say red keeps me working creatively and creative to Jane was such an important moment because until now I had not I don’t think got to the real deep issue as to why I use it only being able to say Because I love it excites me so I was really impressed surprised proud of myself I was like did I really that yeah I did.