I found it interesting looking around at the other art displayed after seeing the main exhibition because there was such variety of sculpture paintings not just all of one type of art which would be boring. My favourites were of a sculpture of a ballet dancer called Little dancer aged fourteen 1880 -1881 c.1922 by Edgar Degas, A sculpture of a shell called Effigy Conch Shell and A painting by Frank Auerbach 1931 called Head of Gerda Boehm 1964 oil on board.

I thought the Ballet Dancer sculpture was so elegant pretty and beautiful because how she was standing and how lucky she must have been to have had the chance to be able to model pose for Edgar Degas as a African Black Girl he must have got some stick for that people being so surprisingly shocked in anger because they were considered below everybody else they worked for the white people they weren’t equal which was unfair because of the racism which was around.

I like his paintings anyway of the young girls in action dancing there so pretty they look happy and like there having fun which is lovely living being alive. I like the soft delicate look of them but also they come across strong holding their own greatly. The colours used blue pink green mixed in red white to make the pink tones looks like he has used a pastel.

Seeing the sculpture up close the fact it was so different to the paintings I have talked about have seen traditionally known by him was interesting because I didn’t know he did sculpture in fact I don’t really know much about him his background. He makes me more intrigued by him the fact I have seen this sculpture by him I would like discover more to know the real reasons behind it and other art in general he does what makes him what to create the paintings of the ballet dancers and the sculptures did he like doing one more than the other so just to get inside his head so I can understand from his perspective and then from that formulate a better reflection of what I think. Which will be speaking from reading facts and truth not just thoughts like this is currently.

Looking at the Frank Auerbach painting I felt drawn to it because I felt I could relate it to my work because of the technique he had used to create it the layout was not completely 2D because of the texture appeared making it have sculptural element for me that instantly I can feel like this is what art is for me that I love and I am attracted too because I am a 3D based art student.

If it had been just a general painting without any texture appeared in it I don’t think I would have stopped walking around to have a closer look at it because if it’s not a sculpture with texture then it needs to be a panting with texture appeared . The thing about texture it creates depth excitement possibilities to be able to touch or see the painting better making it more interactive not just art you look at from a distance so you feel connected  to it.

It was different well for a start it’s a painting and I don’t do too many paintings but if do there of my sculptures I make and made with oil paints which I don’t use either I use acrylic there a lot easier for me to use I feel I can create a great textured appearance and oils take forever to dry. This painting is a portrait too and I don’t paint people I paint and make shapes. I think what worked about this was that it was different but at the same time I could relate to it which is great because if it had been so different to the point I could not make any connections with it at all with my own work then it would be really difficult reflecting.

I find it hard to say what hasn’t worked with this painting because for me it’s a great painting but maybe the texture has blocked out the identity of the person which has been painted, so it looks a bit abstract which also is a positive because attractively this can create more intrigue from the viewer because it becomes more of a mystery when looking at it. But on the other hand some paintings you really want to be able to look at it see it properly without areas been hidden from texture which is distracting.

From seeing this I might play around with different qualities of textured and slightly less textured paintings of my sculptures I make so I can create that mystery with some so viewer’s see them and have to ask themselves more questions which I have to say I do need to do myself really getting to the core of what why how you think of this piece of art. It would be hard for me to not do any drawings paintings which don’t involve any layered textures with the paint left in parts which appear in bits that you can touch and feel because for me I really am drawn to it I can link it up with an actual sculpture, but it might be I try it out and it works out really well and my friends tutor loves it and then afterwards I see it as something that I could do again who knows if I don’t try it it’s out of comfort zone which is one of my manifesto key lines.

The shell sculpture I saw I thought it was instantly easy for me to compare it to my work being a sculpture and a shape not a person. The difference between this and my work I think well I created my sculptures from moulds I don’t know if this was it looks like it’s just been made from scratch because of the size which is a big difference from my work which is in a smaller scale but I have multiples of though. I wonder if the artist who made this shell made a series of them or just this one I don’t know.

I think the size of it works really well it’s in the middle so much so you can see it all it properly being that shape a shell its one you want to be able to see clearly because it’s a pleasing attractive shape which is pretty and delicate if it was any bigger or small it would not have worked. It’s hard to say what hasn’t worked with this sculpture because I don’t know if I could have done any better myself if I had been the one making it but just from my perspective I think looking back I feel I should have sketched it’s one of those sculptures you would enjoy giving it a good go at after seeing a fellow lady on the fine art degree course drawing the ballet dancer sculpture and I must say it was really good I feel like why didn’t I?

It was a missed opportunity. I don’t think at the time it was on my mind even though I think I had my little red sketchbook with me. I feel I could have reflected in more detail about it from drawing it, but next time I will I do do some drawing when I went to London the day before so that’s was good.

From seeing this now I am just really happy to be doing sculpture and loving it. And ready to go on an adventure with it this second year bigger and better than the first year.

Some highlighted pics from the the other art I saw which I  have talked about and outdoors.

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