I loved seeing this exhibition being a big pop art fan I was really excited to see it, experience it the colour the wow factor big statement art pieces in every room so expressive bold intense. I loved the entrance to the exhibition with the title in red above it so awesome being red obsessed a passionate full on lover of the colour because whenever I use it makes me so happy always makes me excited to create make whatever. It’s so passionate intense red is. So from the start I was like this is already so cool I am going to love this exhibition. The first room the stand raised plinth which had the artwork displayed on was red and it was a bold vibrant red colour a typical post box traditional red which I was in love could not stop looking at it everything around me was engagingly beautiful it caught my eye which I think its meant to do.

I love pop art for the simple reason the colour’s what they print the imagery is the same repeated like a rotational pattern which does not change which sometimes worries me so it’s that security I get which I like  with pop art. Which links to my work  because my work is quite repetitive and once I start something it continues for quite a long time before I start to think oh I need to change what I am doing which may be helped my others around me my tutor. The choice of the same ones used in pop art traditionally red, green, yellow and blue the primary colours mainly they can be used by anyone children, adults, young adults and teenagers in art so there not hard to come by.

I love them because there so brightly shockingly bold you instantly get attracted to them used to them and you then can start thinking which one is your favourite no surprise to anyone who knows me mine is red. I loved the fact they had made some of pop art into sculptures which was really cool so it wasn’t just 2D work.

I liked the one in particular of the of the Wham! comic strip piece which looked like a space shuttle which was displayed as a sculpture because its one of the most iconic pieces by my favourite pop artist the legendary I think Roy Lichtenstein why I think he is because his work is so well-known and you know when you see his work its by him his repeated style it’s always so pure clean glossy finished looking to the point its perfect because there is no untouched messy job done on his work  which I’m afraid to say is the difference between my work and his because my work is a lot looser more expressively out
swings and roundabouts I guess.

When I saw the Wham! piece in 3D it was really exciting because whenever I have seen that piece of art its been a flat 2D painting which has been cool  to look at but  seeing it up close as a sculpture was so awesome because I work in 3D mostly so it was special. The more 3D work I  see the more I love it become obsessed with it and think I want to be making 3D work forever. It’s that idea you can see it from all angles its there possibly touch.

I loved how also in another room there was lots of pink art displayed so in soft pink brighter pink it was so pretty beautiful because I love Pink its my favourite colour which represents like red love I think being a women femininity. Overall its a traditional girls colour which suits me and I personally find important in this case. And it’s just an all round pretty beautiful colour. There was a mirror shaped as a heart which I loved specially because I love hearts their my favourite shape I know favourite shape who has one sounds a bit pathetic maybe to some people but I like having lots of favourite things going in detail.like with having a favourite shape.

Hearts are traditional again popular for valentine’s day which is an iconic day every year in February. To me there best when there red coloured because to me that’s what a traditional heart would be like but you can get all sorts of different coloured hearts. There is a sense of security with hearts too because all the love you have for your loved ones mum, dad brothers, sisters, husband/boyfriend grandparents is stored contained  in the heart I feel and treasured kept forever. There simplistic looking but also complicated I be once you deeper inside it. There beautiful overall.

I bought a fair few postcards in the shops afterwards. I was sneaky too took a few photos in the exhibition which I wasn’t supposed too. Here below some photos from the day of me the gang and the outside of the Tate Modern Gallery.

The bridge walking across it to get to the Tate Modern we Myself, Joe, Abbie, Alanna and Emma. Joe spotted some graffiti on the ground so here it is very colourful and easy not to notice glad he did.

abbie and joe on the bridge in londonemma and alanna on the bridge in londongraffiti art on bridgelondon art galleries tate moderntate modernpop art tate modernthe world goes popWham!pop art picpink pop art