So yesterday I went to do start my drawing module proposal for Mick Stubbs in the afternoon based in TLR to work meeting Abbie there too so I was working and chatting but later when we left to go to town hang out do some shopping we were walking and being this time of year lots of leaves were on the ground and in red-brown yellow pretty colours.

Abbie said at one point this is my favourite type of year as we stopped because I wanted to take some leaves home to prints from which I had done in the past and come out great quite effective and I also took a photo of our shoes both in the leaves together and the leaves on their own the tree.

I never really noticed the leaves so much in detail before, but I realised they are a collection a massive one because there are so many of them bundled up scattered around and seeing some art work placed outside around where some leaves were before leaving Colchester Institute was really cool this artwork looked like plaster casts and reminded me that I still need to photograph my mould men in different settings outdoors not just my garden which is so far the only outdoor setting I have used.

So it would be a collection within in a collection my moulds a collection in the leaves which are a collection the more that fall on the ground. Which would double the impact of the photos how people see them because they are linked together.

Since discovering this I have noticed other things like sweet wrappers from some sweets I was eating and sharing with Abbie today thought instead of throwing them away I will keep them and place them once I have enough on my wall in my latest red taped square I created on my studio wall and coloured it in with a box of my newly bought crayons.

I got a handful of them and used them altogether just going for it. Because I didn’t have much with me today so I made do with what I had got which was fair enough. I thought well there is an empty space below and the bottom of my wall which is covered up by my table and chair so moved them out the way and got stuck in made some noise in an art studio you allowed and it was getting to quiet for my liking because only me Abbie and Alanna were in there and I was probably making the most noise chatting too much.

20151026_135436 20151026_140123 20151026_140130 20151026_140140art displayed