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Photos of my blue silicon mould in my studio space alongside my ree resin men and hearts shapes in different positions on the white plinths which were just next to my space and no one was using them so I thought why not use them. I wanted to create layered effects big small which I think I achieved really well by the use of scale depth.

I loved the red against the white so powerful they contrast each other really well.

I also added my red tape red paint tube and a composition with them placing the red tube of paint inside the tape.

I wanted the whole look to be spaced out clearly showing my work as if they were going on an adventure walk moving not just in one place. Because they do have each of them characters personality specially my mould men.

I just need to take more photos of theses in different environments like my garden for example which really changes how they appear look and the viewer looking at them me the artist and make more moulds to photograph I am getting a tripod next week or it might come this weekend which should improve my quality of photos I take because I can get a still image each time by placing my camera or phone I use a lot now on my tripod so it’s not going to get blurry.

I originally got my tripod ordered to take the photos for my future animation I plan to create which I can still do so everything will be in place for it some of the theses photos could be used in it maybe who knows.