From in the workshop today with The technician giving me a hand Martin.

I really enjoyed getting stuck into making it was a process which I love because you can get an outcome which is great or maybe in progression from all your hard work. Achieving something special. I spent three hours this morning doing this. I had missed it because I love Sculpture its 3D: Mould Making particularly its that idea you can see it from all angles, it’s not just one and possibly touch which really intrigues me because there all different and one angle side view might surprise you be not how you thought it would look like.

Which 2D work can’t portray it’s not there in front off you like that its flat which I find not as interesting its dull boring to the point like I have to see 2D work with a sculptural element appeal look whatever you want to call it for me to find it more exciting involving Line, Colour, Shape and layers.

I’m obsessed with I layer my images in my sketchbook into a college and on my studio wall so images are together some I don’t  when I am placing imagery on my wall because I want a varied look,but with my sketchbook I always do to maximize the space I have got on one page instead of wasting one. It looks busy,exciting filed up most importantly.

Theses photos are representing my Silicon multiple four mould which I made with the template to work from my red resin moulds which I used with clay to make a box around my resin men to pour the J wax mixed into it on top of my resin men. Was easier having already got my red resin moulds as a template otherwise would have had extra work to do.

Using the clay was fun to use even though as soon as you start to use it your hands instantly get messy which is a bit annoying but it’s so soft and I loved soft textures like that they are tactile and engaging to me they keep me focused and interested because there so fun like I bet how a child would be stimulated.

Mixing up the liquids the J wax thank god Martin was there to hep me because I would have been so confused because it’s quite the technical part to the process. Hopefully it will get easier.

Can’t to start making some wax moulds using my Silicon mould its going to be great I  am going to bring in some red coloured candles to melt from a nearby local cheap shop . Using red again will be so exciting a new challenge for me because its wax but if the outcome is really successful then you can make from them.

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