Seeing theses sculptures outside in The Courtauld Gallery in London last month by the artist Marc Quinn as part of his exhibition called Broken Sublimes forming two bodies of work called Broken Wave. Theses made me feel excited curious because they were 3D sculptures which I love because I create 3D moulds so I felt an instant connection. The connection with them made me want to draw them so I did a few loosely done sketches of some of them.

Here below done in Biro pen enjoy !!!!!!!!

Compared to my work his work is a lot bigger which creates a powerful overview of them when you see them up close and when you see them from a distance. The shapes material used metal is different because I use resin and starting more to use wax mine are on a smaller scale.

I think theses are successfully made sculptures the fact when yo look up closely you can see yourself and do a selfie if you so wish or just a normal photo seeing through it is quite playful its interactive to the audience and the fact its metal which is shiny and when the sun reflects on it its engaging the public’s attention which is so important to do as artist getting your art noticed.

I don’t think there is anything that hasn’t worked all in all there really good sculptures I am almost a bit like I wish I  could create this amount of impact with my mould men I think the answer is making more of them, so the collection increases which then makes for more photos to be taken, more drawings.

So everything builds because at the moment I’m stuck in a rut so my next step is to make more moulds learn how to use the wax from Martin one of the technicians arrange a day for him to show me.

Some photos hear below. Enjoy!!!!!!!