My Pecha Kucha Presentation slides from 1 to 20. Which I showed on Tuesday which I was pleased with glad to have done it so now its over with and I don’t have to focus and worry about it now which is a relief because I do have other work to do and focus on currently.

I loved my imagery I chose of my resin wax crayon mould’s in my garden they stood out as the highlight of the whole presentation really effective pretty.

Joe said he really liked the one of my red resin mould’s in my garden as I gave him my handout he saw that one and it must have caught his eye which was really lovely of him to say he said I should have that image on a business card if I was to get them made which is not a bad idea considering we are becoming more professionals artists having blogs now this up and coming artist residency I might think about getting some made up on website. 

 Ana had hers and she gave them out as a handout at the end of her presentation. 

The handouts were varied. I was a bit nervous to present it but it went fine because I don’t like lots of faces staring at me, but to be honest there weren’t that many faces.

I really liked seeing the other presentations before me and after the few left I loved Joe’s he was first he was dying to get t done after we had been having a group meeting about the Artist Residency at the First Site  which went on quite a while. I really loved his handouts they were photographed images of his slides really pretty and his presentation was great having his blog featured on it at the end and on the back of his handouts clever thinking.

Which made me want to write on some of my handouts my blog address and print some of them small showing just slides with all the images on. 

Ollie’s was very original cool fun different because he had music playing throughout his presentation which he rapped too so not just talking normally about his presentation also which made it more exciting to watch we all really enjoyed his. I felt he took us on a one of a kind experience. 

Emma Fords was really lovely I found it really inspiring because it featured another short little animation video she had made using a Plasticine a cat character on her phone showed us the photos process beforehand. I loved the animation it was like the one she had posted on her art Facebook page.

It was exactly the kind of animation I want to create with my resin and wax mould’s which got me thinking more about when we have our artists residency I can during the first week we are there at the First Site in Colchester I can have a go at making an animation or two or three which would be super cool at the end to show to my friends family visitors the third years. 

It would show my moulds as what they are meant to be little men figures moving not just still standing.  

Becks one was cool fun interactive getting some of us involved who were sensitive to sounds tastes music when they would be around them together.

So it was all to do with senses inspired by her having different reactions to colour’s music food using theses red bags the others sat around on the floor with sweets smelly things for them to react to them differently feeling tasting things that they discovered.

Having music to listen to whilst creating making art was really helpful to Becks using the music to hep her express what art came out not thinking to much just doing in an expressive wild way.

Particularly the song by Florence and the Machine You got the love. 

I loved the red coloured bags of course with my obsession love for the colour red it mad me quite happy.

It reminded me of when your young and you play pass the parcel on the floor at a party which i later told Becks she said that was interesting. 

It was really rewarding and lovely at the end when told us all she was really pleased with the presentations in the few years that she had seen them our ones were some of the best she had seen and two of the third years came to watch some and said they were really impressed so it was a success all round.

Well done to all of the second years guys congratulations.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pecha kucha slide 1pecha kucha slide 2

pecha kucha slide 3

pecha kucha slide 4.

pecha kucha slide 5

pecha kucha slide 6

pecha kucha slide 7

pecha kucha slide 8

pecha kucha 9

pecha kucha 10

pecha kucha slide 11

pecha kucha slide 12

pech kucha slide 13

pecha kucha slide 14

pecha kucha slide 15

pecha kucha slide 16

pecha kucha slide 17

pecha kucha slide 18

pecha slide 19

pecha slide 20