Useful this is to look at specially because I’m in the middle of just stating to do a Proposal for a current up and coming artist residency I’m part of with my fellow second year Fine Art Degree students. So we are all busy bees creatively working !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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What makes a good proposal?

 Consider what it is you are proposing for?

An event, creative project, exhibition , etc. This will have an impact on your approach.

Are you responding to a call, or negotiating your own project?

If you are responding to a call, then you need to ensure you have carefully read the application details, and understand what is being asked for and what the requirements are. There may be an opportunity to clarify, if you have any questions, it’s a good idea to take up the opportunity to get in touch and make yourself known to the selection panel: but obviously make sure all communications are polite and professional!

Selection panels for projects will consider the following when looking at your proposal:

  1. Does the proposal show a high level of creativity and quality?
  2. Does the proposal respond to the brief (where there is a brief)?

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