First of all we got given different sheets of different manifestos by Jane who had organised this group activity. The one I got I didn’t like that much because I had seen another one which featured red in it.

I know it’s a bit of a stupid reason but oh well. But then I changed my mind as I looked at it more, I really liked how the words or sentences were just written in free line simplistic expressive way bold some slightly bigger than others but structured too clear. It wasn’t complicated looking over the top the amount of words actually would suit me fine because I do write a lot.

This Manifesto was by Dave and Mike Fabian Design by Rachael The Holst Manifesto 2009

a copy of a manifesto

Photos of the group I was part of manifestos we did on sheets of black paper taped together so we all had a sheet that we could work on individually, but at the same time we are a group so we sharing as whole. What we did we chose out of a selection of words like inspire, spark, explore and trust we thought about how they had connected with us all and used that word to express the manifestos.

For example the word inspire all connected with us because at one point we have all had someone or a few people family members teachers that have inspired us.

I chose the word Explore to work on because for me its a word that is increasing with me how my work is involving is by exploring new ideas materials to work with that are out of my comfort zone which is what I wrote down beside it.

I used red tape to make my words and key word explore because its fun and creative and why not??? it’s quite easy to use I’ve used it before. The use of  textures and layered different scale is really effective to me. And the main reason why is that its RED I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It always makes me feel  even more creative and positive when I use it. Its got a bold, intense, and expressive appeal.

It was interesting to get to know each other because we didn’t know each other and hear about each of us how we got to where we are today studying art at Colchester Institute The members in my group were myself Roseanna a second year student, Claire and Nathan two first year students and Rian a third year.

IMG_205220151001_110740IMG_2056-0IMG_2055IMG_2050IMG_2049mainifestos from thursday 1.10.15 (27)mainifestos from thursday 1.10.15 (28) - Copy20151001_11544320151001_114655

Photos of the other groups Manifestos and before hand when they were panning it.


20151001_114751mainifestos from thursday 1.10.15 (30)mainifestos from thursday 1.10.15 (33)mainifestos from thursday 1.10.15 (31)mainifestos from thursday 1.10.15 (32)mainifestos from thursday 1.10.15 (34)

Talking about how I want my own personal manifesto:

I want mine to have a red-painted background my poster with my manifestos on just to get me excited and happy I want to be able to just always look at it to keep me going say when I’m stressed and feeling oh I can’t do this, I look at it and it makes me feel like I can keep striving forward ahead to accomplish achieve what I want. With the word get out your comfort zone explore something new do what makes you happy. Be bold expressive and exciting which I try always to make my work.

Photos of my words I plan to have in my one.
IMG_2043my mainifesto ideas