So In the Summer in July I experimented using Wax Crayons to make version of my little figure moulds like I made my Red coloured mixed up Resin moulds.

It was inspired by seeing another fellow students wax crayon gummy bears, he made last year I think it was the sub conscious in me at the time without me even realising it helped me want to create my versions in the summer with my ink cartridge containers. I just got really excited when I saw them I like the size of them and colours how the different coloured crayons had merged together.

Taking the idea of something you have found not so much bought to reproduce something new which is inventive and original something you may have never thought you would have ben able to create which makes you want to question lots of things about it.

Some of the crayons I did have to buy I wanted to source them without spending any money. This was my initial plan I was able to get a pack my dad had for free. So I had one bought one for free.

 Here are my crayon moulds the process some inside my house and then some photos of them I took in my garden like I did with my red coloured resin Moulds because I’ve taken them out of their original context they are like little figures.

I hope to continue to make work like this in the future using mould as bases to work with I’ve found and use resin. But also try new materials.

Theses moulds have so many uses which I like about them you could have them as a bigger crayon to colour in with or they could be a piece of art or creature figurine which is the use I have adopted for them after seeing them as not just art.

12049282_906912276070342_5527099724473759890_n12049501_906912409403662_5356061497252867578_n 12006199_906912086070361_1484839951540760703_n12019833_906912436070326_8680901820850200081_n12042691_906911776070392_237338575932590790_n[1] 12002770_906912329403670_8105528542265959881_n   12019880_906912322737004_881009981151362606_n  11231032_906912372736999_6120044272304356035_n11139971_906912242737012_4364509570922069512_n 12019973_906911912737045_9211460946416960750_n 12002602_906911982737038_263084678433905561_o crayon wax moulds outside in my garden 2015 (10) crayon wax moulds outside in my garden 2015 (6)  DSCF2022 crayon wax moulds outside in my garden 2015 (5)DSCF2023